Comprising of eight principal companies, bringing more than five decades of rich and pioneering engineering experience supported by its leaders, Ace Micromatic Group has steadily remained as one of the most successful businesses in the world. Affordable pricing, competitive range of machine with a variety of applications, best-in-class service and an installed base of more than 55,000 machines across the world makes Ace Micromatic one of the largest and most comprehensive machine tools group.



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Ace Micromatic group was formed with the intent to create the ultimate Machine tools manufacturing ecosystem. There are 8 main principal companies offering machining solutions there are multiple other companies that enable the group to provide the best solutions:

CNC Turning Solutions

Ace Designers, started in 1979, is the largest manufacturer of CNC lathes in India.

In addition to producing a comprehensive range of CNC lathes they have also built capabilities in the field of application engineering and tooling solutions. It also offers turnkey solutions, tooled up options, innovative work holding, Cp/Cpk evaluation, IoT.

CNC Milling Solutions:

Ace Manufacturing Systems (AMS) started in 1994, the largest manufacturers of Machining Centers in India, offers one of the widest ranges (over 100 variants) of machining centers, both vertical and horizontal and cover the entire gamut of milling applications.

CNC Grinding Solutions:

Established as Micromatic Grinding Technologies Private Limited (MGT) in 1973, the company has the largest market share in India with 4500+ machines delivered worldwide with many repeat Global customers.

Productivity Solutions:

Ace Micromatic Intelligence Technologies (AmiT) established in 2002, is the group's productivity solutions IT company, is always at the forefront of bringing the power of automated IT solutions and IoT to manufacturing.

Customer service and Sales:

Micromatic Machine Tools (MMT) is the sole Marketing and Service wing of Ace Micromatic group, India’s Largest Machine tool conglomerate. MMT is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with eight Technology Centers and 700+ employee spread across 60+ offices around the globe.

 Machine tool accessories: 

Pragati, started in 1977, is the largest manufacturer of high precision automation accessories for machine tools in India. Their wide range of products includes Tool Turrets, ATCs, Driven Tool Turrets, Servo Turrets and Hydraulic Chucking Cylinders.

Special Purpose machining: 

Taurus is a renowned Special Purpose Machine manufacturer that caters to the diverse requirements of the machine building industry.  Established in 1988, the company specializes in a variety of international standard tailor-made import substitution SPM machines at an economical price. 

3D printing services: 

amace solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of two leading machine tool manufacturing companies in India – Ace Designers Ltd. and Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd. (AMS). They are an integral part of the Ace Micromatic Group.



Managing a large organisation and driving sustainable growth requires a strong vision which motivates the people. The twin pillar of Ethics and Values has closely knit the entire team together and paved way for Ace Micromatic group to aspire to be among the Top ten players in the global machine tool fraternity. The group firmly believes and works consistently to maintain the ecological balance of the nature.

Vision of the AceMicromatic Group

Vision Statement for AceMicromatic Group was developed by the senior management team of the group companies, in Sep 2019. The vision reads as

“AceMicromatic Group will be in the Top 25 Global Machine Tool Enterprises, by engaging with customers, to co-create success and assure sustainability by 2025.

We will drive this vision by:

  •  Inspired, competent and empowered people.
  •  Leadership in innovative technologies.
  •  Leveraging excellent manufacturing Eco-system”.

AceMicromatic Group has adopted this vision as the guiding principle for all major initiatives and decision making.

& Networks

Ace Micromatic Group is present in more than 60 locations across the length and breadth of India and around the world, including North & South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

The group has a global installed base of 55,000+ machines and a growing presence across North & South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

AMG, a conglomeration of eight machine tool manufacturing and solutions companies and other crucial ancillary industries has been, for over four decades offer solutions like CNC Turning centers, Machining centers, CNC Grinders, Tool turrets & ATCs and Industry 4.0 & IoT solutions, special purpose machining, 3D manufacturing services and more.

With our network of reliable dealers and franchisees to further assist our customers, Ace Micromatic Group aim’s to be our customer’s best companion in their journey to set up a successful business.

corporate social responsibility

At Ace Micromatic Group we believe in collective development. Not only do we ensure that we manufacture responsibly, we consistently work on giving back to society and our environment. Through various training and skill development programs to empower youngsters, building basic infrastructure for the underprivileged section of the society like toilets at remote schools and road construction, drainage facilities in villages, tree planting, etc. We constantly strive towards making the world a better place to live in.

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