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Tech centres from Micromatic Machine Tools are established to enrich the bond that Ace Micromatic shares with its customers. Tech Centres are multifunctional hubs where all information regarding machines, tooling and fixture options, part development, process improvement, machine operation, maintenance, applications, and training are provided along with part prove outs.

For a hands-on experience, every Tech Centre has a representative selection of CNC lathes, machining centres and grinding machines available for customers where trained engineers support in creating awareness on effective utilisation for better profitability.

Ace Micromatic CNC Technology Centers are located at:

Aurangabad | Bangalore | Chennai | Coimbatore | Faridabad | Gurgaon | Pune | Rajkot |


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This is one of the core areas where customers are offered assistance on various technical issues like cycle time workouts, machining feasibility, machine selection, tooling-fixtures support, programming support, part trials, and also address process-related issues as an extended handhold to our customers.

  • Cycle time and work out of costing along with tool layout
  • Prove out of prototype components
  • Recommendation of work holding and cutting tool,
  • Troubleshooting specific process-related issues
  • Machine audit comprising of CNC program check, cycle time evaluation, work holding and cutting
  • tools evaluation etc.,
  • Measurement of actual OEE and productivity of machine shop,
  • Productivity improvement /consultancy,
  • Preparation of project reports.
  • These Tech Centers also offer on-site application services, depending on customer needs.

Application support

Recomended new process provides solutions to maximize
Productivity at less cost

  • Machine feasiblity study
  • Cycle time workout
  • Tool Selection
  • Process optimization
  • Training
  • Startup tooling support for new machines
  • Setting and Part Prove out at Tech Centers / at Customer end

Machine Maintenance support

Our focus is on the operator to continue to confidently handle the equipment for ensured maximum productivity and utilization from the equipment and process

Productivity at less cost

  • Basic awareness program
  • Machine pre installation audit

CNC Operator Training

With over 6000 CNC machines being sold annually in India, there is a need for at least 18,000 operators (assuming 3 operator per machine on shift basis) every year. Obviously availability of trained operators becomes vital for the engineering industry.

This profound thought inspired the Ace Micromatic Group to establish Training Centers in 2006. These Centers harness the potential of a large pool of unemployed non-technical youth and train them to become skilled CNC machine operators. This move helps the youngsters to get into mainstream of life through gainful employment and enhance their quality of life.

Training Centers

Ace Micromatic CNC Technology Centers are located at:

Aurangabad l Bangalore l Chennai l Coimbatore l Pune l Gurgaon

Faculty Development Program

The Faculty Development Program (FDP) bridges the knowledge gap between industry and institutions. This program is designed to train faculty on CNC machining technology covering the university syllabus and the requirements of industry. The ultimate benefit is that students are made industry-ready and employable in the high growth manufacturing industry.

The program is jointly conducted by Micromatic Machine Tools Ltd., India’s largest CNC machine seller, and Cadem Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading developer of software for CNC training and industry.


Free CD and teaching material will be provided at the end of the program so that participants can start teaching from Day-1 in their institutions.

  • Programming handbook for milling
  • Programming handbook for turning
  • Soft copies of programming handbooks on CD
  • Faculty Lab handbook with ready exercises for milling and turning
  • Student Lab handbook with ready exercises for milling and turning
  • Soft copies of lab handbooks on CD
  • Sample CNC programs for milling and turning on CD
  • Simulation videos corresponding to the sample CNC programs
  • Soft copies of lab handbooks on CD

Internship Training

Ace Micromatic together with our Customers is encouraging Engineering graduates to undergo internship training from 5th Semester onwards in order to form an experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application in the metal cutting industries.

The training not only encourages them exploring their interests in the field and accept carrier in manufacturing but also prepare tham meet a wide variety of situations, and internship allows students to demonstrate that the cognitive and communication skills they