Reconditioning and retrofitting

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    Old doesn’t mean less productive.

    A machines age doesn’t determine productivity, rather the condition of the machine. If you have an older machine model consider our reconditioning and retro fitment services which cost significantly lesser than purchasing a new one.

    We can fully restore your machine’s performance. Additionally, options are available that can perfectly adapt your machine to suit your current requirements.


    Reconditioning instead of purchasing

    • Reconditioning is 100 % tax-deductible (only in Germany)
    • No changes to work processes, in other words, no user instruction or training required
    • Reconditioning is carried out quickly
    • No additional investment in tooling devices or tools


    Customer benefits

    • Many types of machines at a fixed price (including evaluation on-site)
    • Machine reconditioning either on-site or at our factory
    • Restoration of productivity, production safety and precision of your machine
    • Retained value and increased performance
    • Reconditioning is carried out by experienced experts with exclusive manufacturer expertise
    • Use of original spare parts with maximum availability Highest quality as a result of extensive output testing
    • Guarantee on the entire scope of service