Ecosystem Business

"Make the customer so comfortable with your brand that he loathes to go away from you"
 - Srinivas G Shirgurkar

Studies have shown that every machine tool customer goes through a minimum of 21 touch points before his machine cuts metal. Micromatic Machine Tools understands that in an industry where every minute in production costs, it is important to make it easier for, you, our valued customer to detangle the process of setting up your shop floor. Our goal at Ace Micromatic Group is that you have the ultimate benefit of the one-stop-shop model provided by MMT that is rare in the machine tools industry. Cover the basics for your machine set up with the Micromatic Ecosystem advantage. We understand the hassle every shop owner goes through before he can start cutting on his machine. This is where customers of Ace Micromatic group are at the benefit of the one stop shop model that provides all shop floor essential materials from trusted brands under one roof