Hydraulic Centreless Grinder


Precision Centreless Grinder

Conventional Centreless Grinder model CLG-5020 is most suit-able for grinding of small batches of component in through feed or Manual Plunge operation.

Salient Features:

  • The ribbed structure of bed ensures better static, dynamic rigidity & vibration damping.
  • Fixed type wheel head on machine bed for max rigidity. Cantilever type design.
  • Grinding Wheel spindle is running on Hydrodynamic bearings made of Lead bronze alloy with oil Lubrication.
  • The Regulating wheel slide is moving with help of manually operated lead screw manually, having micro feed adjustment unit of 1µm infeed to meet high accuracy requirements for all work pieces.
  • Hydraulic copy profile dresser for Grinding and Regulating wheel dressing.

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