H grind 360


Heavy duty production CNC Cylindrical Grinder for diverse heavy duty production applications ideally suited for end journals of long crankshafts in single plunge, grinding of Printing Rollers, Heavy duty Punches and large shafts for different applications etc. for automobile, defence, agriculture, railways and other heavy engineering industries.

  • Wheel head spindle consists of high precision class angular contact ball bearings
  • Workhead consists of spindle holding MT6 Centre
  • Workhead and Tailstock are designed for carrying heavy jobs upto 750 kgs

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Heavy Duty CNC Production Cylindrical Grinder

This machine is dedicated for grinding heavy parts up to 250 Kg between center in single or multiple plunges. Ideally suited for grinding Gear End/Flange End Journals of large Crankshafts – 6 Cylinder or larger. Machine is available in Straight & Angular configurations.

Specifications H Grind 
Swing Diameter360/500 mm360/500 mm360/500 mm
Admit between Centers630/1200 mm1600/2000 mm3000 mm
Max. Grinding Wheel Φ x Width760 x 180 mm760 x 180 mm760 x 180 mm
Grinding Wheel Spindle Power22 kW22 kW22 kW
Wheel Surface Speed45 m/s45 m/s45 m/s
Max. Weight of Workpiece250 kg350 kg600 kg

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