Since 1973, we are making the automobile move, more smoothly. Working as a leading precision machine suppliers for the Indian automobile industry, from many decades, we are dedicated to provide competent grinding solutions to our customers. Our solutions live within every part of the automobiles, whether you talk about a small component like fuel injector or a bigger one like an axle. Our especially designed machines can withstand the needs of automobile and component manufactures in every situation, whether it is complex operation or large volume production.

2 Wheelerl Axle Shaft SH 40 S 12 Wheelerl Axle Shaft SH 40 S 14-Wheeler Axlel H-grind4-Wheeler Axlel H-grind UJ CrossUJ Cross
2-Wheelerl Cam-Shaft E-Grind-200 S2-Wheelerl Cam-Shaft E-Grind-200 S2-Wheeler Piston-Ring H-Grind-S2-Wheeler Piston-Ring H-Grind-SConnecting RodConnecting Rod
Fuel Injection
4-Wheeler Plunger GCE-350X400 A4-Wheeler Plunger GCE-350X400 A Fuel Injector BodyFuel Injector Bodyneedleneedle
4-Wheeler Input Shaft SM-40S4-Wheeler Input Shaft SM-40S 4-Wheeler Worm Shaft E-Grind 200S4-Wheeler Worm Shaft E-Grind 200S
4-Wheeler Hub SH40 A4-Wheeler Hub SH40 ATransmissio GearTransmissio GearTransmission ShaftTransmission Shaft
Turbo Charger
Turbo Charger Shaft Wheel SH40 ATurbo Charger Shaft Wheel SH40 A
Valve Train
2-Wheeler Crankshaft2-Wheeler Crankshaft 2-Wheelerl Cam Shaft GC-20 MS2-Wheelerl Cam Shaft GC-20 MS Engine ValveEngine Valve