10 Reasons to Consider Indian Machine Tools Over Imports

When India began to manufacture in the 1950s finding machines capable of doing such tough metal cutting was only possible through foreign machine tools. Slowly around the 1970s Indian manufacturers began to make machine tools that were suitable for the Indian manufacturing requirements.

Over the decades, Indian manufacturers have been competing fiercely with the international market to make highly capable complex machines that offer many benefits to part manufacturers.

Since there is a stereotype that import machines are better than Indian machine tools, here are 10 points to show why Indian machines are a better option than imports:

1. Cost-effective

By buying Indian Machine tools you can save a lot on the costs that would otherwise amount in getting the import machine tools.

Here is a list of costs you would incur when it purchased from abroad:

  • Price of the goods
  • Shipment costs (inland and international)
  • Loading/Unloading and Handling costs (according to your agreement)
  • Custom brokerage service fees for custom clearance
  • Insurance for transportation
  • Custom tax (differs according to transacting countries and type of good)
  • GST
  • Terminal fees
  • Warehousing costs during custom clearance
  • Additional regulation fee such as anti-dumping tax etc. if applicable to your product
  • Any certification fees if necessary
  • Any custom's examination fees if necessary, import cost, duties, inland shipping

2. Better service

When your product supplier is from the same geography, it can be assured that their response and understand of your queries will be better. Some other factors to consider with a local manufacturer are the easy availability of spares, faster breakdown response and support and a faster Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).

3. Better customer handholding

Indian manufacturers will take the extra step to ensure that you are well-oriented with your production goals by offering the right training, trials, part prove outs and more when they are closer to you. This will allow customers to have a better understanding of machines and can rely on manufacturers for any problem they encounter.

For example, AceMicromatic group regularly offers training, seminars, sessions and more for their customers to keep them updated with the machine and its capabilities. They also do pre-order rials, parts prove out so that customers are one step ahead when it comes to getting the most out of their set up.

4. See before you buy

While buying any product, getting the real experience by having a first-hand impression is still important for the majority of buyers. This is the same for machine tool customers as well.  Getting the touch and feel of the product gives customers a better understanding and with Indian Machine tools manufacturers this is possible. They allow customers to completely test out a machine with trials, part prove-outs and more so that customers get full machine inspection before buying. Meanwhile, with an import machine, customers are at a disadvantage as they can experience the machine only when it is set up on their shop floor which itself will take a lot of time.  

5. Faster delivery time

When every minute in manufacturing counts waiting for your imported machine to reach your shop floor is not a bet to take. Its common knowledge that import machines will take anywhere between 2 to 8 months to reach your shop floor against less than half the time it takes for some Indian manufactured machines.

Nowadays due to competition in the machine tool industry, manufacturers deliver machines in time frames that are as fast as a month, week or even 24 hours!

6. Made for India

Since Indian machine tools manufacturers have a better understanding of the Indian metal cutting needs due to their proximity and involvement in the industry, they make their machine tools exactly according to the needs of the market. This way not only are owners benefitting from a more suited machine but also save the cost of extra unnecessary features in import machines.

7. Better application support

When you need expert advice on optimizing your shop floor, there is nothing like having a localized and experienced person to give the best suggestion at the earliest. Be it cycle time, choosing the right machines for your component, the correct programming, or tools. An Indian manufacturer can help you get solutions faster simply because of the advantage he has in terms of proximity and market knowledge over an import manufacturer.

8. Better value for money

Paying for a machine instead of paying for all the extra taxes and costs while importing a machine is not a smart financial decision. This increases the Cost of Ownership, which is the purchase price of a particular asset, added with the operating costs of the asset over its lifespan. Also, faster dispatch, service, part replacements are all factors that add great value to your purchase.

9. Cheaper spares

Replacing parts with imports is an expensive feat. Price of an Indian made spare part will be cheaper by a margin of between 20% to 30%. Machine tool builders keep an inventory of spares for faster delivery which is an added benefit.  

10. One-stop-shop solution

With Indian manufacturers having all your needs catered to is a missing link with import machines. Manufacturers like Ace Micromatic Group are one of the only few Indian manufacturers who offer a complete spectrum of customer support. This includes, sales, service, support, application engineering, part prove outs, customized upgrades, automation, training, reconditioning, regular customer meets and visits, shop floor essentials like cutting fluids, financing support and lots more!

This kind of in-depth customer care is quite rare, and customers are usually thrilled to have such a close relationship with their machine providers. When we have all the pride to make in India let us also encourage our economy by supporting Indian machine tool manufacturers that are no less than Import manufactures.

To know more about the benefits of associating with Indigenous machine tool manufacturers email us at salesmmt@acemicromatic.com