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    TLMS is a feature where tool load (Spindle) can be set for each tool number based on the experiments done initially for the said component and when the load crosses the set value suitable action / message is generated. This feature is for better tool & Work piece Protection


    TLMS allows to detect and avoid issues related to

    Cutting Tools during machining

    • Wear to avoid improper cutting
    • Tool Breakage
    • Optimum utilization of feed

    Input components

    • Imperfections
    • Not present in certain stations
    • Avoids Re-machining of finished comp


    • Air cutting
    • Wrong programming

    Operator Message:


    • Improved quality
    • less scrap,
    • reduced costs

    Next generation production tracking and machine monitoring (for Fanuc)

    Standard feature in MCV-450 with FANUC Controller

    Key Benefits:

    • Data acquisition mechanism is fully inside machine. No external hardware!
      • No interfacing cables, power adapters, isolators
      • Nothing to misplace, nothing to repair
    • NO operator involvement!
    • Works even without master data setup on PC!
      • No need for advanced IT administrator, quick commissioning
      • With master data, and down-code entry, additional advanced analytics can be enabled
    • Easy plug and play!
    • Cost effective!

    Key operational pain points addressed!

    Key Features: Production Analytics & Operations

    • Accurate Part count by program, every hour, shift…
    • Accurate machine stoppages/down-times
    • Accurate Time analysis
    • Power ON/Off, Operating, Non-operating, Cutting, Non-cutting…
    • Machine visual run chart
    • CNC program transfer from central repository (Next gen DNC)

    All these without any operator involvement!

    Key Features: Machine Diagnostics

    • Accurate logging, and aggregation of CNC alarms
    • Spindle run analysis: Load, Speed, Temperature
    • Preventive Alarms, and Predictive Alerts*
    • Power Calculator to maximize Machine utilization
    • Digital Library for electrical and Machine manuals

    AMS Machines – ACE MICROMATIC Machines only!

    Value to customer:

    • Access accurate production data and machine stoppages, for better production planning and control
    • Machine maintenance made Faster, Better, Cheaper
    • Spindle run analysis can be used for improving CNC programs
    • Cost effective, quick ROI

    All these, with 0% operator involvement!

    PAC screen is useful where multiple operators are handling the Machine programs offsets & parameters which may lead to accidents or wrong programming. With this software we can give access control to selected people and monitor the changes done by different persons. This would help to prevent from unauthorized usage and take necessary corrective actions if mistake is done unknowingly by concerned authorized person.


    The Power backup system is designed to prevent the Machine / Tool /component from damage when a power failure occurs. It is an OPTIONAL FEATURE which is to be ordered with the Machine at the initial stage so that it can be integrated in the cabinet/Machine. Otherwise it has to be integrated to main cabinet from sub cabinet which will be placed near the machine for machines which are already in the field. If a power outage occurs, PBS provides sufficient energy for a safe stop and/or retraction of the spindle and servo axes. This prevents damage to tooling, the machine as well as to workpieces.

    Main Advantages:

    • Reduce / prevent damage to machine, component, tool during power fail by control stop during tapping / positioning
    • Reduce vertical axis drop without additional hardware
    • Required control from PLC during available time after power fail.
    • We can run required subroutine during power fail to bring machine to a safe position

    Augmented Control System (ACS):

    ACS is an augmented controller in addition to Machine basic controller (Fanuc) to Provide additional support/assistance to the Machine user for better and effective usage of Machine.

    ACS can be used to troubleshoot alarms, record maintenance activities, check live i/o status, record breakdown history, read manuals, etc.

    Why do we need ACS?

    CNC control system limitations

    • User Interface (UI): graphically not appealing
    • Memory: limited and expensive
    • Ease Of Use: not very user-friendly
    • Flexibility
    • Customization

    ACS as a technology:

    • Hardware Can be any embedded system, pc, industrial pc, etc.
    • Software Intelligent controller Interface Environment (AMS iContIE™)

    AMS - Intelligent controller Interface Environment (AMS iContIE™)

    Part of IIoT (Industrial Internet of things)

    • Auto tool selection based on number of components cut – Time based tool change
    • Along with Tool Load Monitor System (TLMS) sister tool programming – Event based trigger
    • Minimize interruptions between shifts
    • Maximize production efficiency


    • Part identification
    • Intelligent program selection
    • Determining part presence
    • Tool identification
    • Machine capability
    • Clearance checking
    • Cutting path optimization
    • Adaptive machining
    • Cutter parameter update
    • Thermal correction
    • Tool condition monitoring
    • Process reporting

    Other general benefits include:

    • Reduce setting times
    • Address skills gap
    • Overcome limits in manufacturing capacity due to lack of skilled operators.
    • Reduce scrap
    • Higher utilization of machines
    • Automated in-process measurement means your machines will no longer be waiting for operators to restart them.
    • Shorten Manufacturing lead time
    • Fast, automatic and repeatable set-up of metal cutting operations.
    • Greater agility
    • React and adapt faster to changing processes.
    • Automation
    • Custom solutions


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