Tooled up Solutions

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Machine tools loaded with fixtures also need cutting tools suitable to the operations required to be performed on the component. There is a large variety of cutting tools available in the market with no or marginal difference between each other. However, an error in choice of the tool can distance you from achieving your desired goals of component accuracies. With our rich experience in tooling selection we are able to choose the right tools and the holders suitable to the application and the budget available.

The application engineering team of AMS has wide experience in identifying the process for machining and providing suitable work holding and tooling solutions. This ranges across the markets from high speed & productivity solutions for the automotive industry to the high precision and accuracy solutions for the aerospace or mould making industry. This not only includes support in selection of the most suitable machines but also designing the fixtures and identification of the ideal cutting tool for the selected process. The entire prove out of the components to meet the desired cycle time can be undertaken when solutions are opted for.


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