• Leader 400 XL

    Leader -400 XL is high productive machine with column moving design with turning pallet table which allows operator load / unload or set up work pieces on another pallet while machining on the other pallet for the higher productivity. Machine is with ergonomically designed structure for good rigidity & weight ratio. With high precision parts, high precision Roller guideways & ball screws, rigid structure & ergonomic design one can achieve high accuracy.

    • Column moving high speed VMC
    • BT-40 spindle
    • Rotary type pallet changer (0° / 180°)
    • 50 / 50 / 40 m/min rapid rate for all 3 axes
    • 30 tool ATC
    • Spindle speed of 8000 rpm with direct drive
  • DM-800

    DM-800 is efficient & competitive solution to Aerospace & Die Mold applications with rigid machine construction suitable for good surface finish, contouring accuracy & tool life. DM-800 machine comes with an ergonomic design & an efficient chip evacuation system & easy loading, unloading of heavy parts with wide door opening.

    • Versatile machine configuration
    • Elevated guideway for superior accuracy
    • Ideal for DM, Aerospace & other precision machining application
    • BT-40 / BT-50 spindle
    • 20 tool ATC
    DM 800