AMS machines are well appreciated and received in countries overseas. AMS has successfully installed machines in China, Japan, Italy, France, Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA either through the wide network of agents and partners or directly.



AMS corporate office and factory is built in accordance with the Green Building Concept. The Phase 1 of the plant has the capability to manufacture 1,200 machines in a year. The Phase 2 has an assembly capacity of 2,200 machines. The factory with multi-floor assembly facility is one of its kinds in the country today.

The green factory uses minimum amounts of artificial illumination and ventilation keeping the ecological footprint low. The factory has a rain water harvesting tank which has the capacity to collect water up to 1.8 million liters. The in-house water treatment facility recycles water and is used for gardening and other non-critical purposes.

The solar panels in the factory have a capacity of 500 kWh which meets about 60 to 70% of our existing demand of power.

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