Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd., is one of the largest CNC machine tool builders in India. It was started by Mr. P Ramadas in 1994, along with promoters of Ace Designers Limited. The company has expertise in manufacturing CNC Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, Twin Spindle Machining Centers and Drill Trap Machining Centers. AMS also offers tooled up, jigs & fixtures and automation manufacturing solutions cantered around these products.

Since its inception, AMS is catering to customers ranging from large corporates to small industries, with over 12,000 machines installed in customer places across India and the world.


The focus has now shifted from decreasing lead time to increasing critical tolerances. And to achieve this, having a competitive edge is essential. AMS machining centers, solutions, and services help you create that edge by offering the dexterity required to adapt production to constantly changing demands.

Our machining centers are developed with the aim of providing shorter cycle times but with improved precision and steadiness. This means enhanced efficiency and excellence through our machining centers. This ability to deliver best quality results is what makes AMS machining centers and solutions vital to any industry and manufacturer.


An impeccable component is crucial in manufacturing dies and moulds. But achieving precision is possible through AMS high-speed machining centers. Our solutions, quality machines, and services accelerate the manufacturing process while maintaining excellence in quality and improved productivity.

Using AMS machines along with our solutions and services, we ensure to reduce manual handling, multiple setups, and machine part movements. That means we strive to create an uninterrupted operation to manufacture a mould through our machining centers.


The aim to combine high-standards of quality and accuracy with improved productivity, low cost of production and cycle time is something that any highly competitive electronics organization would strive to achieve. Besides, fast process time, flexibility in the manufacturing process, automated solutions and enhanced productivity are imperative in the electronics industry.

AMS machines are custom designed to manufacture critical components used in the electronic industry. Our machines exhibit robust reliability and manufacture efficacies that considerably reduce your costs. AMS machines have solutions that not only match your requirements but will also help to safeguard your business in the future.


Our products and solutions are custom-made to support the needs and wants of the energy sector. From machines that extract fossil fuels to designing manufacturing components for turbines and solar panels, our machining centers have the capability to manufacturing components for such machines with high tolerance levels.

We are also assisting renewable development by designing manufacturing technologies to decrease lead time and enhance productivity.


The engineering industry has grown tremendously in the past few years and is predicted to expand at unprecedented rates as new technologies and components with high tolerance level are manufactured to further advancements in the field of general engineering.

From milling steel, metal alloys, aluminium, iron to manufacturing complex fixtures, AMS machining centers have a solution that can help lower your costs and enhance productivity. Our machines can augment component precision, reduce cycle time, render flawless finishes, and provide superior performance.


Manufacturing medical components should be in sync with current medical innovations. Designing medical devices such as dental moulds, orthopaedic parts and other surgical instruments requires accuracy and flexibility.

AMS machining centers are capable of manufacturing these components with relative ease, speed, and extreme precision. Furthermore, AMS machines are customized to meet customer preferences, all with the aim to fine-tune their demands with the latest medical technologies. AMS machines produce medical components with supreme levels of reliability and constancy with limited waste.

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  • Awards

    R&D dept of AMS was recognized by DSIR ( Dept. of scientific and industrial research)

  • Awards

    AMS was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification for Quality Management Systems by TUV Nord.

  • Awards

    Once again received the ’Best Supplier 2007’ award from M/s HMSIL.

  • Awards

    Received for the third time the 'Best Supplier 2006' award from M/s HMSIL.

  • Awards

    Honoured again (for the 2nd time) with the 'Best Supplier' Award from M/s. HMSIL.

  • Awards

    As an unparalleled achievement AMS bagged the CMTI PMT Trust Award again for best design for its High Speed Vertical Machining Centre SONIC and the FIE Foundation Award for its compact machining center SPARK.

  • Awards

    Third time in a row AMS won the CMTI PMT Trust award for its High Speed Drill Tap Machining Centre DTC 250 F and the FIE Foundation Award for the Moving Column Vertical Machining Centre CMV 400.

  • Awards

    AMS has exported 48 CNC Horizontal Machining Centers to M/s HOWA MACHINERY LTD, AICHI, JAPAN from 2003 to 2005. 

  • Awards

    Winner of 'Best Supplier' Award from M/s Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India ( P ) Ltd, Gurgaon. (HMSIL).

  • Awards

    AMS was awarded the CMTI PMT Trust Award again for the high speed Vertical Machining Centre MCV 400-F and the FIE Foundation Award for Vertical Machining Centre WINNER.

  • 1995

    The Vertical Machining Centre MCV 400 was awarded CMTI PMT Trust Award and the Vertical machining Centre MCV 320 was awarded the FIE Foundation Award.


Some of our prestigious clients

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  • Divgi
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  • Techno
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  • Vishwakarma
  • sac
  • Newtech
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  • LCB
  • Shivam
  • Super auto-forge
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  • Seinumero
  • Bajaj Sons
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  • Fie
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