Visual Factory & ANDON

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What can it do for you?

  • TPM-Trak Conveyor and Assembly monitoring enables complex shop-floors reduce costly stoppages of assembly lines, by enabling all shop personnel to react at the right time, using a variety of Audio, Visual, SMS and ANDON outputs.
  • Using advanced help request workflows, users can instantly call attention to the right machine/assembly station – ensuring rapid response and fix times, resulting in reduced stoppages and lossses.


Data acquisition methodology

  • Specially designed LED ANDON boards, or standard LED/LCD panels are interfaced with TPM-Trak data infrastructure to provide workflows and visualization customized to suit your requirements.


Key Features

Live Production status of Line/Machine.

  • Part count, Downtime and efficiencies
  • Trend charts
  • Help Request status

Visual alerts

  • Enables quick, targeted, well prepared responses
  • Enables operators with real time display of SOPs, best practices, safety measures etc.

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