Traceability and Genealogy

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What can it do for you?

  • TPM-Trak Track & Trace enables you to maintain detailed traceability and genealogy for all parts and assemblies manufactured in your shop floor.
  • With WIP tracking, and links to your master manufacturing workflow, poka-yoke can be built to ensure strict process adherence, without missed sequences or operations.


Solution methodology

  • Using your choice of tracking technology (barcode, etching, RFID), scanners and printers are integrated into the core TPM-Trak infrastructure, driven by software to implement strict adherence to your production flow and sequence.
  • Entry and exit at each work center ensures time and sequence logging of all workpieces for live and historical processing.
  • For critical events, an alerting mechanism via SMS is built into the solution.


Key Features

  • WIP status: Real-time Status of each work center, and each work piece
  • Genealogy: To address customer queries, or for your process studies, each defect, or series of defects can be linked back to specific combination of the 3Ms (Man, Machine, Material) and timeline.
  • Traceability: Know precisely what factors have led to how each part had been produced

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