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What can it do for you?

  • TPM-Trak Machine Diagnostics provides fine analytics for machines with certain controls.
  • This makes it easy to "see" critical CNC operational parameters, alarms and messages so that the machine health may be monitored and addressed proactively.
  • Aggregate machine-run KPIs provide machine utilization parameters, with ZERO operator involvement.
  • Working closely with MTBs, we can help provide advanced predictive and preventive maintenance alarms, and interlocks to keep your machine always in shape!


Data acquisition methodology

  • Software programs are deployed on a PC/Server that connects to the CNC control’s Ethernet port via LAN infrastructure.
  • Using application interfaces provided by the control manufacturer and intelligence provided by the machine tool builder to harness rich data continuously, our software provides actionable dashboards and workflow apps to make your machine running and maintenance faster, better, cheaper!


Key Features

  • Live status: Running program number, feed, mode..
  • Time: Power ON, Operating and Cutting
  • Alarms & Messages: System alarms and messages.
  • MTB alarms: Preventive and Predictive alerts based on Run time
  • Spindle and other elements: Load, speed, RPM, temperature.

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