Assembly Conveyor Monitoring

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What can it do for you?

  • TPM-Trak Conveyor and Assembly monitoring enables complex shop-floors reduce costly stoppages of assembly lines, by enabling all shop personnel to react at the right time, using a variety of Audio, Visual, SMS and ANDON outputs.
  • Detailed MTBF and MTTR reports provide factual data for improvements.


Solution methodology

  • A complex data communication network consisting of PLCs, HMIs, RIXs, PB Panels, LED panels and 3-tier lamps is established to connect all nodes of interest. At each station (node), a PB panel or HMI is deployed for the operator to call for attention.
  • These panels/HMI have easy-to-use color-coded buttons. 3-tier lamps may be deployed at each station to highlight the presence of a condition.
  • Real-time information is instantly displayed on the Shop ANDON as well as Department ANDONs.
  • For critical events, an alerting mechanism via SMS is built into the solution.


Key Features

  • Production status: Conveyor Running/Stopped, Output till that point in time, plan versus actual, and stoppages if any.
  • Help request: Visual indication via 3-tier lamp, Shop board and Department board. SMS alert for critical events
  • Poka-Yoke: Automated STOP of conveyor during specified intervals such as Lunch time and Tea time etc. Checks and balances for ‘Engine Oil filling’ and so on..
  • Analytics: Duration and frequency of Line stoppages, Requests raised by type and station, Mean-time-to-Acknowledge and Mean-time-to-Fix…for different time periods.

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