Fast loop Moulding, Pouring & Cooling lines

The moulding is carried out by a continuous sand mixer of 60MT capacity , compaction table, fast loop, largest rollover machine, Infrared oven, painting station, gas drying oven, closing station assisted with mould handlers, pouring and cooling line, mould pusher and shake out.

The foundry is equipped with state - of - the - art machines from IMF, Italy. The sand is sent back for reclamation. The movement of sand in the foundry is through pneumatic transport creating dust free atmosphere.

The special feature of this foundry is cake moulding where moulding boxes are eliminated saving cost, time, space etc. The max dimension of the loop 3mts X2mts and max weight 1.6 MT. Floor moulding facility is also created to make castings up to 8 MT in weight single piece in grey iron and upto 3 MT in sg iron from both wooden and thermocol patterns.

Core Shop

The core shop is mechanised with 10 MT cap continuous sand mixer, carousel, core handlers, core painting station, gas drying ovens and storage of cores.


Equipped with 4MT dual track induction furnace with melt manager. The charging is through vibro feeder. Different grades of grey and sg iron are manufactured.


This section is equipped with hybrid shot blasting machine with auto hanger and manual blast room in single unit. We have different pneumatic tools like angular, die, power wane grinder and chipper for fettling activity. The castings are stress relieved using gas fired furnace with computer control. The castings are primered using painting booth taking care of all safety norms.


To maintain the world class quality requirement the lab is equipped with spectrometer, carbon silicon apparatus, universal testing machine, impact tester, Microscope, hardness tester and various sand testing equipment.


Execution of casting models.

Material Handling

The foundry is facilitated by 13 cranes of reputed makes like MUKUND, DEMAG etc. for various handling activities upto 25 MT capacity supported by a fork lift.