Ace Designer’s state of the art foundry was established in August 2013 with a vision to produce high quality cost effective castings while ensuring a sustainable environment. In addition to meeting our group’s requirement of top quality casting, we have strategically built additional capacity to offer precision medium to large sized castings to external customers.

Located near Bangalore, India and spread over an area of 13 acres, our plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and is largely automated. Some distinguishing features of this facility include high volume fast loop moulding, pouring and cooling lines supplied by IMF Italy. Large castings can also be produced with floor moulding. Also included is a mechanized core shop and 4 metric ton dual track induction furnace. 


Some of our prestigious clients

  • Widma
  • Nagel
  • Super auto-forge
  • Starrag
  • Seeb
  • Sanserra
  • San
  • REP
  • PI
  • neu
  • Mtab
  • Armstrong
  • Liebherr
  • GMT
  • GE
  • Galaxy
  • elgi
  • Disa