LT 2 XL 500 M

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Product Description

These series of machines are high precision CNC turning centres with C-axis capability and live tools that facilitate variety of machining needs such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping etc. The C-axis of the main spindle helps in precise indexing for part positioning during live tool operations.


Swing Over Bedmm500
Swing Over Carriagemm260
Maximum Turning Diamm250
Maximum Turning Lengthmm500
Distance between Centresmm550
Spindle Size / NoseA2-6
Max.Bar Capacitymm51*
Bore through Spindlemm63
Max.Spindle Speedrpm4000
Spindle Motor Power-Fanuc (Continuos)kW9
Spindle Motor Power-Fanuc (30 min)kW11
Spindle Motor Power-Siemens (Continuos)kW9
Spindle Motor Power-Siemens (S6-40%)kW11
Full Power Range-FANUCrpm500 - 4000
Full Power Range-Seimensrpm500 -4000
Standard Chuck SizemmRefer quote
Sub Spindle
Sub-Spindle Size / NoseNA
Bore through SpindlemmNA
Max.Sub-Spindle SpeedrpmNA
Spindle Motor Power (30 min)KWNA
Spindle Motor Power (continuos)KWNA
Full Power Range-FANUCrpmNA
Full Power Range-SeimensrpmNA
X-Axis Strokemm183
X-Axis Rapidm/min20
X-Axis GuidewaysHardened and Ground Box guideways
Z-Axis Strokemm500
Z-Axis Rapidm/min20
Z-Axis GuidewaysHardened and Ground Box guideways
Y-Axis StrokemmNA
Y-Axis Rapidm/minNA
Y-Axis GuidewaysNA
Turrret TypeRotary Tool Turret(A)
Rotary Tool Motor PowerKW2.2
No of Stations12
Max.Boring Bar DiaØ32
OD Turning Tool Sizemm20x20
TailStock Base Travelmm235
TailStock Quill Diamm80
TailStock Quill Travelmm100
TailStock Quill TaperMT-4
Coolant System
Coolant Tank Capacityl (litre)110
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Pump Capacitylpm14
Hydraulic Power Pack Tank Capacityl (litre)45
Overall Dimensions
Overall Weight
Weight without Packingkg~4000