SHA 12

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Product Description

The CNC Sliding Head Automat (SHA) is designed specifically to bring high productivity in machining small sized components. This machine uses twin spindle with sliding head design. With rotary tool driving device, a headstock cooling device, a knockout device for component ejection, synchronous rotating guide bush device, the SHA series of machines are capable of delivering high productivity at great precision.


Maximum Machining Diamm12
Maximum Machining Lengthmm80
Spindle through Hole Diamm16
Max Main Spindle Speedrpm12000
Max Sub Spindle Speedrpm12000
Max Spindle Speed of Gang Rotary Toolrpm6000
X1 -Axis Rapid Traversem/min24
Y1 -Axis Rapid Traversem/min24
X2,Z1,Z2 -Axis Rapid Traversem/min32
Main and Sub Spindle PowerkW1.5/2.2
Spindle Motor PowerkW1.5/2.2
No of Tools Maximum20
Over all Dimensions (LxWxH)mm1870 x 1170 x 1700


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