Ace Designers Whistleblower Policy

The Company has Business Code of Conducts for doing the business ethically complying with applicable laws of the land and to protect interest of all stakeholders. By virtue of clause 14 of the code of conduct, the following amendments have been made. This policy is applicable to all Directors, employees and contract workmen working with the Company and its subsidiary employees collectively called ‘Company’

1. Eligibility

Every employee of the Company and Director is expected to promptly report to the Management any actual or possible violation of the Code of Conduct or any other unlawful or unethical or improper practice or act or activity concerning the Company or any other Ace Group Company.

The unlawful or unethical or improper practice or act or activity (hereinafter referred to as an ‘Alleged Wrongful Conduct’) may include, but is not limited to, any of the following

  • A violation of any law or Breach of contract;
  • Manipulation of company data/records;
  • Pilferation of confidential/propriety information;
  • Wastage/misappropriation of company funds/assets;
  • Misuse or misappropriation of the Company’s assets;
  • Incorrect financial reporting;
  • A substantial and specific danger to health and safety of employee
  • An abuse of authority.

2. The Whistleblower can promptly report the suspected or actual event to his/her supervisor. If the Whistleblower would be uncomfortable or otherwise reluctant to report to his supervisor, then the Whistleblower could report the event to the next highest or another level of management including to board member. “Whistle-Blower” means an employee making a Disclosure under this Policy

3. The Whistleblower can report the event with his/her identity or anonymously and Whistle blower shall receive no retaliation or retribution for a report that was provided in good faith and was not done primarily with malice to damage another or the organization

4. A Whistleblower who makes a report that is not done in good faith is subject to disciplinary action by the Management

5. Reporting

a. All Protected Disclosures concerning financial/accounting matters or disclosure In respect of employees at the levels of General Manager and above should be addressed to one of the Managing Directors of the Company by email or

b. Disclosure in respect of other employees should be sent HR Head Mr. Thirumalesh Kumar A S by email

6. The identity of the Whistleblower, if known, shall remain confidential to those persons directly involved in applying this policy, unless the issue requires investigation by law enforcement, in which case members of the organization are subject to subpoena.

Date: 10 th June, 2020

Place: Bangalore