Success Stories

Being the second largest populated country and the largest democracy in the world, India stood very firm in the industry of manufacturing. Every day around 10,000 children take birth in India; from this figure we can imagine what will be the demand for all kinds of goods used in everyday life... Read More

SAAB Engineering: A rising star

Whatever is present today in front of our eyes seems simple and easy to operate. How many of us are aware of what all effort and technologies goes into it. When we see a car moving on the road we can only see the brand and the model name, there are... Read More

For the greater good

On any given day, if you go to Auto CNC Machining Limited, situated in a surprisingly green corner of Peenya and ask for a certain Harish K M working there, a quiet, confident young man will walk up to you. His modest workstation might not say a... Read More

SS CNC Technology. The unassuming sign board declares the entrance to a small job shop in Peenya where the jobber is toiling away at high speed. We're in the thick of an industrial area and the ambient noises make it tough for us to talk. But the two smiling faces waiting to welcome... Read More