VTL 40 / 40M

Manufacturer: Ace Designers
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DescriptionUnitsVTL 40
Swing Over Diamm980
Swing Over Carriagemm500
Maximum Turning Diamm920
Maximum Turning Lengthmm800
Spindle SizeA2-11
Bore through Spindlemm65
Spindle Speedrpm2000
Spindle Motor PowerkW22/30
X-Axis strokemm500
Z-Axis strokemm800
X & Z Axes rapid m/min20
Turret TypeBTP-160
No of tools8 (12)
Rotary tool motor powerkW----
DescriptionUnitsVTL 40VTL 40 M
Swing Over Diamm980980
Swing Over Carriagemm500500
Maximum Turning Diamm920920
Maximum Turning Lengthmm800800
Spindle SizeA2-11A2-11
Bore through Spindlemm6565
Spindle Speedrpm20002000
Spindle Motor PowerkW22/3022/30
X-Axis strokemm500500
Z-Axis strokemm800800
X & Z Axes rapid m/min2020
Turret TypeBTP-160Rotary Tool Turret
No of tools8 (12)12
Rotary tool motor powerkW----10
Over all Dimensions (LxWxH)mm2210x2680x32452210x2680x3245