Super Jobber/LM

Manufacturer: Ace Designers
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File Name Action
DescriptionUnitsSuper Jobber
Swing Over Diamm500
Swing Over Carriagemm260
Distance Between Centresmm425
Maximum Turning Diamm320
Maximum Turning Lengthmm400
Spindle SizeA2-6
Bore through Spindlemm63
Spindle Speedrpm3500
Spindle Motor Power ( Cont / 15min)kW7.5/9
X-Axis strokemm165
Z-Axis strokemm400
X & Z axes rapid m/min20
No of Tools8
OD Turning tool size25 x 25
DescriptionUnitsSuper JobberSuper Jobber LM
Swing Over Diamm500500
Swing Over Carriagemm260225
Distance Between Centresmm425425
Maximum Turning Diamm320320
Maximum Turning Lengthmm400400
Spindle SizeA2-6A2-6
Bore through Spindlemm6363
Spindle Speedrpm35003500
Spindle Motor Power ( Cont / 15min)kW7.5/97.5/9
X-Axis strokemm165165
Z-Axis strokemm400400
X & Z axes rapid m/min2030
No of Tools88
OD Turning tool size25 x 2525 x 25
Over all Dimensions (L x W x H)mm2250x1750x17702250x1750 x1770