Case Study:

Productivity Enhancement in Aerospace Component Machining

The Need:

Machining of Aerospace Components with a non-AMS machine was taking longer time, requiring multiple set-ups and the finish was sub-optimal.
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Lube it right - Main image

Lubrication of the Chuck

  • Most chucks fail to perform due to lack of lubrication resulting in faster chuck base jaw wear out and loss of gripping force. This may result in accidents and even inaccuracy of components.
  • Normally, chuck greasing is... Read More

How to make more profits from my production shop? How do I increase the productivity of my machines? Are these the questions that are there on the top of your mind? Be it a small family run job shop or a large professional organisation, Productivity improvement & Profit maximisation are... Read More

Manufacturing components as per drawing at a lesser lead time and reduced cost is essential to ensure... Read More


Carbon graphite bushes are used in pump shafts as bearings, providing self-lubrication. Graphite provides higher running life (lower wear) due to its much lower coefficient of friction than metals & bronzes.

The solution required MGT to overcome the biggest obstacles while... Read More

Comparison of Box Guide Ways Vs Linear Motion Guide Ways for Machine Tool applications

The four main issues associated with selection of either box guide ways or linear motion guide ways are speed, rigidity, load carrying capacity and... Read More

When you go shopping, why do you buy a certain product over one made by its competitors?

How have the makers of that product been able to convince you that theirs is the best in the market? Or perhaps how have they convinced you that they are the only ones who can provide a solution... Read More

Many of us who are in the machine tool business know that service after the expiry of a warranty period is a critical aspect that costs money but is an enormous value providing opportunity for the service provider and customer. The seemingly difficult part is arriving at a win– win outcome. This... Read More

Conflict is a time consuming and costly problem that can have a severe impact on companies including the bottom line if not paid attention to. This is especially true in outward inward communications that are vital, like in marketing to manufacturing departments in true engineering... Read More

In these days of continuous change, globally linked economies, volatility and uncertainty are the only constants.Customers are closing their purses and opening them only to a favored few. In such conditions, companies need to restrategize themselves on sound customer performance metrics. There... Read More


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