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Maintenance Management


  • Maintain plant and machinery and other production assets at optimum operating efficiency.
  • Safe guard investment by minimizing rate of deterioration and achieve this at optimum cost... Read More

Users of CNC turning centers can derive the maximum advantage from these in various production applications, only if the correct accessories, fixtures and tooling appropriate to each application are used. In this article, Mr. B. Machado, Managing Director, Ace Designers... Read More


Circular Slitting blades are commonly used for sizing paper, plastic, wood, sheet metal etc. & in many other industries. These blades fitted on cut-off machines... Read More

Ashiana - edge blog

Edge management:

In smaller size components which are less than 20-30mm in diameter and with many steps, managing edges becomes difficult with regular program format with TNRC (Tool Nose Radius Compensation). Since components are smaller in... Read More


The Power backup system is designed to prevent the Machine / Tool /component from damage when a power failure occurs. It is an OPTIONAL FEATURE which is to be ordered with the Machine at the initial stage so that it can be integrated in the cabinet/Machine. Otherwise it... Read More

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