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Small fillets and chamfers

Often we hear from Turning Center user that small fillets (R0.1 - R0.5) and chamfers (0.1 – 0.5 mm) are not produced by machine as per drawing and even program coordinates are perfect. As we are all aware, turning is an operation to produce cylindrical parts by rotation of spindle against single point tool and feed the tool with a feed rate mm/rev. The feed rate programmed will generate a feed helix in every revelation of spindle and the distance will be equal to feed rate programmed mm/rev. It is a direct linear distance on the linear movement (line program by using G01) and it is measured as cord-length in circular movements (circular program by using G02 – G03).

For every revolution of spindle tool advances by programmed feed rate mm/rev. Because of feed-helix the lines which are smaller in length (less than or equal to feed rate) are not generated as per drawing dimension. Same way the fillets which are smaller radius and smaller included angles (refer below drawing) are also not generated. To produce components with smaller fillets and chamfer we need to reduce the feed rate at the start of smaller fillets and chamfers.

Included Angle
Deg Feed rate Note : applicable for fillet radius
which are less than R1.0 and
if card length is less than 1.0 mm
0 – 45 1/10 of fillet radius
0 – 90 1/8 of fillet radius
90 1/6 – 1/8 of fillet radius

O1234 (GUIDE)
N1 T0000 G21 G0
G28 U0 W0
T0101 (SVJBL 1616H11 R0.4)
G92 S3000
G96 S350 M03
G0 X50. Z2.0
G1 G42 X3.029 Z0.8 F0.25
G2 X4.629 Z0 F0.1
G3 X5.166 Z-0.166 R0.3 F0.03
G1 X6.937 Z-1.937 F0.08
G3 X7. Z-2.071 R0.3 F0.03
G1 Z-3.146 F0.08
G2 X9. Z-4.146 R1.
G1 X10.232
G3 X10.585 Z-4.252 R0.2 F0.02
G1 X11.133 Z-4.765 F0.08
G3 X11.103 Z-4.93 R0.15 F0.015
G1 X10.732 Z-5.162 F0.08
G2 X10.644 Z-5.592 R0.4
G1 X11.363 Z-6.3
G2 X12.076 Z-6.519 R0.4
G1 X12.972
G1 X13.272 Z-6.669 F0.015
G1 Z-10.0 F0.08
G1 X17.272 F0.3
G0 G40 X50.0 Z2.0
G97 S100
T0000 M09
G28 U0 W0

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